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Blogging can be as addictive eating sweets or reading the Harry Potter Books. On the other hand, it can also be like writing an essay, you find as many distractions as possible or simply find your self staring at the screen until your eyes become blurry and next thing you are waking up a few hours later with your laptop beside you in the bed.

It was Simple Speedy Snacks birthday a few days ago…and a year has gone by and I’ve not been blogging. Time goes by so fast and that has shocked me into getting this blog back in action. Over the last year I have written several drafts, and I just could not press the publish button..some sort of writers/ bloggers block!

Success is all about determination, focus and passion. This blog was my passion, and I need it in my life, Michael Birch founder of a social networking site called Bebo was the most popular social networking site for high-school and university students in Ireland when I was 20…seven years ago! He and his wife sold it for $600 million in 2008. It had 40 million users but several months ago, it went bankrupt due to AOL’s mismanagement of the site and the global success of Facebook. Out of passion and for some fun, it is their mission to reinvent the site. Is it possible? Who knows..but in their words “it will be fun trying”. So I am back with a Simple Speedy Snacks…to reinvent it, and it will also be fun trying!

Food is my passion and Simple Speedy Snacks is my path back to happiness. My heart has truly missed this blog and the fantastic community of food bloggers! 

The New Simple Speedy Snacks

Well…you can expect lots of new surprises from Simple Speedy Snacks..including regular posts! So come back soon to look at some of my recent snacking adventures, which will be posted very soon!