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Maxima Collapse- A sad week for Riga

It has been a very sad week for Riga, the city I live in. The collapse of Maxima, a popular supermarket in the suburbs of the capital city on Thursday killed around 54… Continue reading


Blogging can be as addictive eating sweets or reading the Harry Potter Books. On the other hand, it can also be like writing an essay, you find as many distractions as possible or… Continue reading

I ATE HORSE…now I am a bacon vegetarian (part 1)

What is a bacon vegetarian???? Well it is someone who loves bacon so much that even if they are so turned off by every other type of meat they are just too in… Continue reading

Love from Latvia

If you are wondering where Simple Speedy Snacks is these days….well the snacking has moved to different city! Fed up of the dead Celtic Tiger, I am now in Riga, the capital of… Continue reading

Caviar in a recession!

“Let them eat cake”, Marie Antoinette announced when she was told the public has no money to buy bread. In a terrible recession, who thought there would be a market for caviar in… Continue reading

Man sues movie theater over snack prices

What are your¬†favorite¬†snacks to nibble on while watching a movie?! When I lived in NYC, I was addicted to Twizzlers. I am not a massive popcorn fan, but for many people buying popcorn… Continue reading