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Fattening Up in Switzerland

Well my french fatty days feel like they are gradually creeping back, as these days I am in Geneva stuffing myself with croissants, cheese, and salami. My new job has provided me with… Continue reading

Aubergine Pizza Slices

These little aubergine pizza slices give you the taste of pizza without the dough! If you like pizza and you like (eggplant) aubergines, then give this a try! It is a simple gluten-free… Continue reading

Two human birds in Rome!

A few summers ago, I was working in Italy and my friend met me in Rome. We are as bad as each other when it comes to eating meals. We struggle to finish a main… Continue reading

French Fatty

   Have you ever noticed how skinny French people are…especially the women! Well, when I decided to embark on an adventure to Paris when I had just turned 18, I had no idea… Continue reading