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Red onion and cranberry marmalade

Red onion marmalade is very handy to have in your fridge as it makes a fantastic snack. You can have it on a cracker with some cheese, on toast, in a sandwich, on mushrooms, on a… Continue reading

Mini sweet peppers

Mini sweet peppers make super cute snacks, which also can be very handy to serve at a party. They are easy to prepare, and taste great! Slice some mini peppers and take the seeds… Continue reading

Magic Mushrooms

If you want to explore magic mushrooms  (shrooms) and have a mind blowing experience then stop reading right now….but…. if you want to taste some magic in your mouth using normal mushrooms then keep… Continue reading

Roasted Butternut Squash

Roasted butternut squash stuffed with vegetables makes a tasty light bite.  It is colourful and looks great for a dinner party. I usually cut it into pieces after cooking. What you need? One butternut… Continue reading

Roasted Pear Salad

I love roasted pears. These recipes are simple and speedy, but very tasty! Here are two recipes I use often. One is with prosciutto and parmesan and the other is slices of pear with goats cheese.… Continue reading

Sweet Peppers with goats cheese (parma ham)

I posted this one with brie and red onions. My favourite version is with goats cheese and parma ham. They just have to be washed..sliced…seeds taken out..olive oil..balsamic vinegar..and leave for 10-15 minutes in… Continue reading

Mini French Feast

  So not exactly healthy,but if you are having some friends over and need to whip up some simple snacks or feel like indulging in a mini french feast..then here are some cute… Continue reading

Simple Salmon

 I have always loved smoked salmon with brown bread as a snack, but growing up I was never a fan of normal salmon for a meal. In Ireland, it is normally served dry with hollandaise sauce.… Continue reading

Sweet red peppers with red onions and cheese!

  This can be a great snack or a wonderful side with a nice big juicy steak! I first came across sweet red peppers as a side in Sarajevo (Bosnia), they throw a… Continue reading