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Blogging can be as addictive eating sweets or reading the Harry Potter Books. On the other hand, it can also be like writing an essay, you find as many distractions as possible or… Continue reading

I ATE HORSE…now I am a bacon vegetarian (part 1)

What is a bacon vegetarian???? Well it is someone who loves bacon so much that even if they are so turned off by every other type of meat they are just too in… Continue reading

Fattening Up in Switzerland

Well my french fatty days feel like they are gradually creeping back, as these days I am in Geneva stuffing myself with croissants, cheese, and salami. My new job has provided me with… Continue reading

Love from Latvia

If you are wondering where Simple Speedy Snacks is these days….well the snacking has moved to different city! Fed up of the dead Celtic Tiger, I am now in Riga, the capital of… Continue reading

St. Patrick’s Day Drinks

Tis the season to be Irish! St. Patrick’s day is celebrated across the globe with people drinking lots of alcohol!  So let’s begin the St Paddy’s day preparations with a look at Irish beverages! But before… Continue reading

Valentine’s Cocktail!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Why not celebrate with this wonderful Valentine’s cocktail?! My friend made this drink for her leaving party when she was going to Australia. It is a great drink for parties… Continue reading

Valentines treats!

Be My Valentine?! Valentines/Singles Awareness Day is tomorrow! This day used to haunt me as a child. The whole day of school I would be on tenterhooks, I knew I wouldn’t get a… Continue reading

Hummus and tortilla chips

Hummus is one of the best simple speedy snacks out there. It is a very popular Middle Eastern dip containing chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil and tahini paste. I first started making hummus when I lived in New York and I have… Continue reading

New Snacks for the New Year

New Year, New You Happy New Year everyone!  Why not add some of these healthy snacks to your shopping list for 2012?! Licorice I am a massive licorice lover! I have always loved licorice since I was… Continue reading

Post-Christmas Bloating

Are you feeling bloated from all the Christmas meals and sweets?! Here are a few tips to help reduce bloating. Ginger Ginger is great for poor digestion, stomach upsets and bloating. I really like cutting… Continue reading