Riga Restaurant Festival



I have been living in Riga for a little over two year’s now.

Latvia’s Capital, which is the European Capital for Culture 2014, is definitely a hidden gem for foodies!

Vincents Head Chef


The Riga Restaurant Festival took place on the 16th of August. Some of the best restaurants in the city were on display. The weather was not perfect, but food lovers lined up to sample Riga’s finest cuisine. Martins Ritins (as pictured above) is the Head Chef of one of the most famous restaurants in Riga.  The list of famous personalities, who have savoured the restaurants fine cuisine includes Prince Charles, Elton John, the Emperor of Japan and Heston Bluhmenthal and other VIP personalities and famous gourmands. Ritins, a British-born Lativan chef has been in the culinary limelight for over fifteen years, gaining many years of restaurant experience in Toronto before relocating to Riga.


He hosts his very own cooking show on Latvian State Television and is the president of Latvia’s Slow Food Association. He also teaches children and students about food and gives them advice about what to eat. He is the author of “Eating with Martins”, which only uses local in-season products. Watching him at work, he was very much at ease, not exactly what you might expect from the typical ‘loud bad-tempered Chefs’ we normally see on reality TV cooking shows!!! He was a pleasure to watch as he instructed his team. I have to say, the team work witnessed in this tent at the festival was by far the best. Ritins also happily greeted, spoke to and fed locals lining up to taste his special treats.

Enjoy this little gallery of pictures from the festival!IMG_4155











                                                                               Now time to enjoy! 

                                                                                      Labu Apetīti!