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Kale Chips (Crisps)

If you are looking for a green healthy snack for St. Paddy’s day, then look no it is! Kale is a form of cabbage, it can be green or purple. Kale is very… Continue reading

New Snacks for the New Year

New Year, New You Happy New Year everyone!  Why not add some of these healthy snacks to your shopping list for 2012?! Licorice I am a massive licorice lover! I have always loved licorice since I was… Continue reading

Dates: The right type of date for a teenager!

As a teenager I loved dates. I hated bringing a packed lunch to school. I found dates easy to snack on and they are sweet and healthy. In Ireland, a bag of crisps can be found… Continue reading

Healthy Snack Food

I have lost so much weight recently due to stress..and I am finding peanuts a great snack to give me energy! I am also snacking on cashew nuts alot! I am missing the roasted nuts… Continue reading