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Blogging can be as addictive eating sweets or reading the Harry Potter Books. On the other hand, it can also be like writing an essay, you find as many distractions as possible or… Continue reading

Geneva’s Fabulous Fireworks at the Four Seasons

Just recapping on some wonderful events I attended at the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva in August.  The grand fireworks display was enjoyed by over half a million people. Check out their very… Continue reading

Wexford’s Wonderful Street of Sweets

As a child, one of my favourite movies was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My dreams at night were filled with sweets and chocolate.   On my 15th birthday, I went to London with my… Continue reading

Chocolate Holiday Treats

  If you feel like getting messy in the kitchen with some chocolate…then why not try these quick and simple Chocolate Holiday Treats! Also, you can jazz them up a little and add… Continue reading

Tunisian Treats

I was given these sweets as a treat from my relatives who were on holiday in Tunisia. They are nice, but after one they are super sickly sweet! One is enough! But they look… Continue reading

French Fatty

   Have you ever noticed how skinny French people are…especially the women! Well, when I decided to embark on an adventure to Paris when I had just turned 18, I had no idea… Continue reading