Bodega in Birmingham

Bodega in Birmingham situated on Bennetts Hill is a trendy and popular South American spot for snacking on nachos, tacos, quesadilla, ceviche and burritos while enjoying a margarita or mojito. If you haven’t… Continue reading

Snacking in Dublin Airport

I have dined in the new terminal in Dublin airport a few times over the last few months. A great place for a snack is the little Thai restaurant Diep Le Shaker. When I… Continue reading

Brilliant Berry Breakfast

I am not a breakfast person..but I know I need to try harder! And this Brilliant Berry Breakfast is nice and simple, quick and light! It is simply natural yogurt with raspberries and blueberries and… Continue reading

Simple Salmon

 I have always loved smoked salmon with brown bread as a snack, but growing up I was never a fan of normal salmon for a meal. In Ireland, it is normally served dry with hollandaise sauce.… Continue reading

Chocolate Berry Blast!

Here is my very own Chocolate Berry Blast! Chocolate liquor (I bought in Salzburg Austria) and some raspberries in a shot glass!

Tunisian Treats

I was given these sweets as a treat from my relatives who were on holiday in Tunisia. They are nice, but after one they are super sickly sweet! One is enough! But they look… Continue reading

Missing my little snacking friend!

I spent a summer with this little guy a few years ago. And….I took this pic a few few years ago at Halloween, when I went back to visit him. He loves to dance… Continue reading

Sweet red peppers with red onions and cheese!

  This can be a great snack or a wonderful side with a nice big juicy steak! I first came across sweet red peppers as a side in Sarajevo (Bosnia), they throw a… Continue reading

Healthy Snack Food

I have lost so much weight recently due to stress..and I am finding peanuts a great snack to give me energy! I am also snacking on cashew nuts alot! I am missing the roasted nuts… Continue reading

French Fatty

   Have you ever noticed how skinny French people are…especially the women! Well, when I decided to embark on an adventure to Paris when I had just turned 18, I had no idea… Continue reading