Fattening Up in Switzerland

Well my french fatty days feel like they are gradually creeping back, as these days I am in Geneva stuffing myself with croissants, cheese, and salami. My new job has provided me with the opportunity to live in two great cities, Riga and Geneva. In Riga I started the fattening process, by eating out all the time due to the lack of an oven.

In Riga, there are lots of pastries, now not the same caliber as you would find in France or a French speaking area but still delicious. And then chili pica, I started to fall in love with this pizza franchise. Now it is not Domino’s, the base is thin, but they have massive pizzas and a really good one called Acapulco, with some steak and salsa!

For the next few weeks I am in Geneva, where the weight just keeps piling on, as the house I live in is filled with endless amounts of croissants, baguettes and amazing little butter biscuits (cookies).

I have been trying to eat porridge for breakfast but I found myself rummaging through the cookie cupboard and eating cookies as I cooked the porridge!

I have two weeks before my next event at the Four Seasons, so I must find ways to avoid becoming a fully formed French Fatty by that time! I definitely need to get rid of the growing dough baby in my belly by then!

Secret to a Slim Stomach

Women in Riga look like they have walked straight off the cat walk! Women who have had two maybe three babies have completely flat stomachs. I heard one of their special secrets is the 8 minute abs workout on youtube! So one night I decided to check this out. Glass of red wine in hand, I carefully studied the video…looked like a piece of cake! Now I have not yet tried it out but when I do… I will let you know how easy it really is!

Weekend Road Trip

Recently, I took a trip from Geneva to Bern (the capital of Switzerland) and then to Basel where we went the Renoir exhibition at the Kunstmuseum. I had a salad with some fruit at the cafe..it cost 20 Swiss franc about 19 euros!!! This is normal in Switzerland..I have never in my life paid so much money for a salad at a cafe. The negative side to eating out here is that you have to look at a menu to see the prices before entry. I had a sickening feeling in my stomach scanning the menu, choosing the cheapest thing there. It is not an enjoyable experience but slightly stressful. In a restaurant in Basel, one waiter approached us speaking French and another speaking German, it is funny and amazing! The food is very much influenced by Germany and France.

We stopped off at Montreux Castle, which is a must-see if you are in the area! We had a perfect little picnic here with some champagne, strawberries, baguette and cheese on the little beach beside the castle.

Had this yummy pizza in from a Movenpick restaurant in Basel! Nice thin crispy base! Throughout Switzerland, there are Movenpick restaurants, hotels and ice-cream in every store. They have some great ice-cream flavors including chocolate and raspberry and creme brulee!

Restaurants in Geneva

I have been recommended a restaurant in Geneva, that serves only one dish, steak and potatoes, it costs about 42 Swiss franc..it is apparently the best steak in Geneva..it better be! Maybe I will try it before I leave! I have eaten Mexican, Chinese, pizza, but I really want to try some good fondue!

Well that is all for right now..I will try my best to keep blogging as I promise you the snacking has never stopped! In Geneva for the next two weeks and then back to Riga to find an apartment with an oven!