Love from Latvia

If you are wondering where Simple Speedy Snacks is these days….well the snacking has moved to different city! Fed up of the dead Celtic Tiger, I am now in Riga, the capital of Latvia.Why Riga? An opportunity unexpectedly popped up here and here I am!


One of the first things you notice (food-wise) is that they LOVE pancakes. the pancakes have been served everyday at the hotel I was staying at, when I first moved to Riga. Generally they are under cooked but one day they were slightly overcooked than normal and they tasted great! I eat mine with some apricot jam!

Double Coffee

Double coffee is on almost every corner like physics and Starbucks are in NYC! It is easy to think things are cheap here because of the impression people haveof Eastern Europe and also the currency exchange, but don’t be fooled it is not cheap. Double coffee is a great sandwich place but it is easily 7 euros for a sandwich. Riga lacks little sandwich places, but double coffee is one of the nearest things you will get to a sandwich bar.

Cheap Sushi

There are so many options for sushi in Riga, it is pretty amazing. And a local little place I go to does double sushi, two lots for the price off one.

No Oven

One of the reasons the blogging had stopped was that I could not find an apartment with an oven. One bedroom or studio apartments generally don’t have ovens..not all but most I was looking at and I just could not find one with an oven.

Why Riga?

If you are wondering why someone would live or want to visit Riga..well it has great cocktails…reasonable rent..and a great night life. It is safe, clean, and has nice parks. It is a great place to be in the summer! That is all for snacking spot is Geneva and then back to Riga,