Man sues movie theater over snack prices

What are your favorite snacks to nibble on while watching a movie?! When I lived in NYC, I was addicted to Twizzlers. I am not a massive popcorn fan, but for many people buying popcorn at the cinema is a must! There is a tradition of stuffing our faces with snacks, while watching skinny Angelina and other Hollywood skeletons on screen!

Snacking is all part of the movie experience, however, it is not fair that movie theaters can charge extortionate prices for snacks. One man in Michigan has decided to try fight this by suing his local AMC theater.

Joshua Thompson, a security technician, filed a class action lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court with the hope of lowering snack prices.

According to Detroit Free Press, Thompson paid $8 for a Coke and a package of Goobers chocolate-covered peanuts at the Livonia theater on Dec. 26. He said in the suit that the price he paid for the snacks in the theater is nearly three times the $2.73 he paid for the same items at a local fast-food restaurant and drug store.

“He got tired of being taken advantage of,” Thompson’s lawyer, Kerry Morgan of Wyandotte, told the Free Press. “It’s hard to justify prices that are three- and four-times higher than anywhere else.”

I guess he could just buy snacks in the local store, put them in his pocket or bag and sneak them in like most of us do!!!