Port Poached Pears

I have noticed that poached pears in red wine are a very popular dessert for chefs on cooking shows and contestants on Come Dine with Me! I decided to use up the bottle of port that has been sitting in my cupboard since Christmas, to make some nice port poached pears. This is such a simple dessert for guests or a nice snack if you feel like treating yourself after a hard day at work!

What will you need?

Half a bottle of port

Pears (one full pear per person)

Plain or dark chocolate (optional)

Potato peeler or a good small sharp knife

How to poach pears?

Start by pouring half the bottle of port into a medium-large pot. Allow the port to simmer before adding the pears. Once you have placed the peeled pears into the pot, then leave them to simmer for about 10-15 minutes depending on how soft you want your pears.


Pour some port over the pears and turn them (carefully) every so often while they are in the pot.

I always serve these with melted chocolate drizzled over them, but you can serve them without if you prefer. Also, a scoop of ice-cream is always delicious with them!

Place the poached pear into a wine glass or serving dish. Pour some of the port left in the pot into the glass. Drizzle some melted chocolate over the pears. And enjoy!