Christmas Pudding Shake- Eddies

Eddie Rocket’s is one of Ireland’s most loved fast-food brands. Eddie’s transports you back to the 1950’s with its music, food and design.

On a recent trip to Eddie’s, I decided to try the Christmas pudding shake on offer. The Irish vanilla ice cream blended with chunks of plum pudding, and topped with whipped cream & cinnamon was surpirisingly delicious. I thought it was going to be a disaster but it was very tasty. It was incredibly filling but tasted like Christmas!!!

They served it with a special big straw for  the chunks of pudding. The straw didn’t really work, I used a spoon to get at the chunks at the end of the shake. The drink is €4.00 with €1 from every sale going directly to The Irish Osteoporosis Society! I am going to try make my own Christmas Pudding Shake this week!

 The 1950’s style diner is similar to Johnny Rocket’s. I visited Johnny Rocket’s in the US. I only went to one of its restaurants but I preferred the Irish version. Rocket Restaurants Limited opened their its restaurant in Dublin in 1989. It now has 42 locations in Ireland, England, Wales and Spain.

One of my favourite additions to the Eddies menu are the sliders. I first tasted sliders a few years ago in a bar in NYC, and I was delighted when I saw them on the menu at Eddies. Before the introducton of the new menu, I always ordered cheese fries (sometimes with bacon). I love the cheese sauce they make.

The rocketizers are a great addition to the menu. The mini quesadillas and the itzy nachos are only €2.5o and are an affordable snack to nibble on. The new meal deals allows you to have a meal for under 10 euros. The old menu was limited and expensive for a fast-food chain especially for students! When I was a student, I would only eat at Eddies but my friends especially the guys hated spending so much money in Eddies and opted for Burger King (the chain I always feared that would pop out of someones mouth for a dining suggestion). Now at Eddies, you can get two sliders, a handful of fries and a soda for €7.50. It is still a little expensive for a fast-food chain but it is worth it for an indulgent treat and a feeling of how dining in the 1950’s would be.