Santa Snacks

Every Christmas Eve, we always left a snack for Santa with a drink and a little thank you note. Some years we left a can of Guinness and some cookies to give him energy for his trip around the world. Other years we left him a very small glass of whiskey with a mince-pie.

If you would like to leave Santa a snack this year, why not be creative and try this! Children are less creative these days as they spend all their time on the computer, on their phone or watching tv! So I think Santa would like to see that children can still be creative! So show off your skills and make Santa some clever, creative treats!

This would make the perfect snack for Santa, as it consists of chilli nuts, pistachios, goji berries (or you can use dried cranberries), liquorice and jelly beans! The perfect combination of healthy and sweet! I think Santa would be very pleased with this colourful treat…..HO, HO, HO,…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!