Magic Reindeer Food

Students from Kilcolgan Educate Together National School in Co Galway have made the RTE news this week for the success for their new Christmas project. The children aged 9 – 12 years have made reindeer food, which is available at outlets in Galway and costs €2.

The Magic Reindeer Food is sprinkled on the lawn on Christmas Eve to give the reindeer’s a path for landing…like at the airport! The school has reported that the business went into profit in less than 24 hours. The school expects the new student start-up to continue in demand until late on Christmas Eve.

As a child, I used to leave a snack for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolf. The children from Kilcolgan National School have inspired me to make some reindeer food!

Make your own reindeer food

I used triple berry oat granola and attempted to make a R shape for reindeer! You could also use porridge oats, chopped up carrots and dried cranberries.

Santa’s reindeer’s will have a tough time taking off in Ireland  because their stomachs will be so full of food from the generous children across the country! So be VERY careful and don’t over feed them!