My favourite hot chocolate in Dublin

My favourite hot chocolate in Dublin is from Insomnia. It is very sweet (not sickly sweet) but if you are a hot chocolate drinker like me, then you will love it! The Lilly O Briens Chocolate flakes that they sprinkle over the marshmallows are amazing. The chocolate flakes and marshmallows melting into the hot chocolate is just heavenly!

Insomnia Coffee Company is an Irish coffee and sandwich café chain, which was established in 1997 in a bookstore in Galway and expanded over four years with the addition of five outlets in Dublin. Insomnia has more than 60 stores throughout the country.

Coffee drinkers in Dublin tend to love Butlers Cafe, but I am not a coffee drinker and I am not crazy about its hot chocolate. They usually serve it luke warm, so you have to ask for it extra hot. However, Butlers offers a wide selection of delicious handmade chocolates. They give you a free chocolate when you purchase a drink! Butlers has stores in Dublin, Cork, Galway, London, New Zealand and Pakistan.