Courgette (zucchini) fries

courgette fries

This is not very healthy, but it is a very tasty simple speedy snack! 

I love both regular fries and sweet potato fries, so I had an idea to make courgette fries because I love courgettes. I do not have a deep fat fryer as it would be too tempting to have one in the house. Instead, I just fry the courgettes on a pan with a good bit of oil.


Heat some oil on the pan. Cut two courgettes into chunks. Dip them in flour. Fry them on pan, gently tossing them until they are golden. Serve with garlic dip.

Garlic Dip

Mix some garlic granules or garlic paste with some mayonnaise.

Total Time

Less than 10 minutes.

The Name

This vegetable is called courgette in France, Ireland and the UK (courgette is the french name for the vegetable). In the US, Italy, and other countries, it is named zucchini from the Italian word for the vegetable.