No recession at Avoca


There was no sign of the recession today at Avoca Store and Cafe, which was crowded with christmas shoppers. The popular chic hide-out for ‘yummy mummies’ is an Irish family run business that has nine locations in Ireland and one in Belfast. Avoca offers a cafe/restaurant, gourmet food products, kitchen gadgets, various garden furniture, unusual bits and bobs for the house, clothing and books (mainly cookery, photography and self-help!).

The successful store became incredibly popular during the Celtic Tiger, and is still gaining customers during these tough times. Avoca began as a manufacturer in 1723 at Avoca Village, County Wicklow. The Mill was a co-operative where farmers could spin and weave their wool, the Mill’s uncoloured yarn was turned into tweeds and blankets. Avoca still handweaves at the original Mill in the village of Avoca.

The Avoca store and restaurant I visited today is in Rathcoole, on the N7 Naas road. There are two restaurants upstairs. You have two choices… to sit in a large noisy area, or select the slightly more exclusive (and more expensive) sit down option. The first is a gourmet self-service style cafe, which is ideal for having a casual chat and enjoying some gourmet food and freshly baked desserts. Avoca offers a great variety of salads. I shared a parmesan, brie, spinach tart with pistachio couscous, potato salad and a feta and pea salad. This was about 13 euros. We enjoyed some delicious roulade for dessert.

Avoca offers a massive selection of jams, sauces and relishes. I bought an aubergine, apricot and tomato chutney, and a dulce de leche sauce. Both items were about 4.50 euros each.

Avoca has a great selection of products for baking and cooking. It offers all sorts of kitchen gadgets.  I really liked the edible decorations for cakes. The decorations range from 4 euros upwards…there were some really pretty pink edible roses for around 13 euros!

I saw a mother having a difficult time trying to drag her child away from this house of sweets! It is a great place to live out your Hansel and Gretel fantasy without a wicked witch waiting inside!

The children’s section in Avoca has a great antique fairytale design. The store has both practical and ornamental toys on display.

Avoca has a nice selection of womens clothing, especially coats, however, they are not cheap! This beautiful pink coat is priced at around 290 euros! The shop also has a good selection of Hunter boots on display. 

Avoca is the perfect place for finding unusual and luxurious goods under one roof. It is worth visiting just to have a look at the decor and products, however, it is almost impossible to leave without a bag in your hand and a dent in your wallet!