Roasted Pear Salad

I love roasted pears. These recipes are simple and speedy, but very tasty!

Here are two recipes I use often. One is with prosciutto and parmesan and the other is slices of pear with goats cheese. Both are delicious! All these ingredients are great, so play around with them and see what you like best!

Roasted pear wrapped in prosciutto

Peel a pear with a potato peeler if you have one, it makes it quicker! If not just peel with a knife!

Then place the pear on a tinfoiled tray.

Spinkle some olive oil over the pear.

Place in the oven for around ten minutes, depending on how soft the pears are. If they are hard leave them for around fifteen minutes.

Arrange some rocket salad (or whatever salad you have) on a plate.

Add some baby tomatoes.

When the pear looks ready, take it out  (you can check with a knife if it is unclear).

Wrap in prociutto.

Grate some parmesan over the pear and salad.

Drizzle some balsamic dressing over the salad.

Balsamic salad dressing:

Balsamic vinegar

Olive oil

Small spoon of honey

Garlic granules (optional)

Mix in a cup with a spoon.

Roasted pear with goats cheese

Peel slice the pear.

Place in the oven on a tinfoiled tray.

Crumble the goats cheese over the pear slices. (If the pear is hard, then leave it in longer and add goats cheese towards the end.)