Chocolate Holiday Treats

 holiday treats

If you feel like getting messy in the kitchen with some chocolate…then why not try these quick and simple Chocolate Holiday Treats! Also, you can jazz them up a little and add a little drop of rum or brandy when melting the chocolate!

Melting the chocolate:

Heat some water in the kettle.

Smash the chocolate with a rolling pin into as many little pieces as possible. The chocolate melts easier!

Get two pots with two glass bowls. (One for dark chocolate and one for plain chocolate.)

Pour some hot water in a pot under the glass bowl.

Melt the chocolate at a low heat.

Chocolate Cranberries:

chocolate cranberries

Place some dried cranberries in a cupcake case.

Pour a spoonful of chocolate over the cranberries.

Put some sprinkles over to make them look prettier!

Then place in the fridge.

Put some melted chocolate in a cupcake case.

Then add a marshmallow.


Add some sprinkles/food decorations. I bought some red lip decorations and they are very cute. They add some fun to these little holiday treats! You can also place some dried cranberries around the marshmallow…these are really good..I just tasted one..yum!

 Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow:

Et voila: