Dumplings in London

I am not a franchise type of girl! I love original and unique little places where I know it’s one of a kind. But, in the UK I noticed it is impossible to escape from chain food restaurants. British people simply love franchise places! I guess reputation is important for them and they like to know what they are getting.

 I turned my nose up to Pizza Express on my first invitation by a friend to have a light bite there. (When I did eventually go to Pizza Express, I was  blown away by how good it is for a casual franchise.) After my experience at this cute little dumpling place in London, I realized that because the Brits love franchises, they actually do them quite well..a lot better than in the US!

Ping Pong is a Dim Sum chain in London, which is quite young and stylish in design. There is a wide array of yummy dumplings to choose from, including Lobster, cashew and chicken, beef, veggie, crab and prawn dumplings.

I had the chicken wonton soup (3.95stg) and it was absolutely delicious. The best thing about a place like this is that you can order as much or as little as you feel like…so, have a snack or have a feast! They also offer an option of ordering from a set menu.

They have some cool cocktails and sake on offer!  Even though I would highly recommend it for a date, when I was there (about 6pm) there was a group of London mothers dining with their children, who were diving into the dumplings as if they were sweets! So it seems to be suitable for both families and couples..but at suitable times in the day!