Snacks and sake at East 9th NYC

A few years ago…I was lucky enough to meet one of the best amateur food gurus in NYC, who brought me to Decibel bar for a first date. To be honest…I wasn’t very clued in at the time about Japanese cuisine and culture, but I was intrigued when we arrived at this non-descript location (from the exterior) on East 9th Street.  (Be careful not to walk by the place, as there is only a small sign with the name Decibel.)  After you walk down the stairs, you reach a red rope and a man dressed in traditional Japanese garb, who welcomes you and checks your ID.

 The basement type bar and restaurant is ideal for a date, especially a first date because the place itself is a great topic for conversation, so you shouldn’t get bored if the date is a little awkward! Or why not bring some friends to have a Japanese snack and sample the wide selection of Sake. I remember seeing Cotton Candy (Candy Floss) Sake on the menu once. There is a great selection of snacks from edamame to small dishes of sesame chicken and lychee fruit for dessert.  It has interesting sake labels and writings on the wall. It is definitely a place to have a snack and at the same time enter a different world!

(Subway- Take 6 to Astor Place)