Snacking in Dublin Airport

I have dined in the new terminal in Dublin airport a few times over the last few months. A great place for a snack is the little Thai restaurant Diep Le Shaker. When I was killing time yesterday at the airport, I snacked on the shrimp tempura with a glass of chardonnay.  I think the shrimp tempura was about 5 euros, which isn’t bad for a quick snack before getting on an airplane.
 I can’t eat on airplanes so its always important for me to eat beforehand. When I flew to Australia a few years ago, I thought I was going to die of starvation..I ate once..some fries in the Mac Donald’s in Dubai that’s it. But for me the worst part of smelling the food on the airplane!
The new terminal in Dublin shows no sign of recession with all the luxurious new places to snack..including the very fancy Flutes, where you can enjoy some champers and a snack in the Departures air side section. The Oak Cafe bar in arrivals provides a handy place for people to have a snack while they wait! And the Chocolate Lounge again in the Departures air side section, offers a sushi-style conveyor belt at the counter full of chocolaty goodies.