What is a snack?

A snack is a small amount of food (eaten between meals). Our dentists tells us to avoid snacking especially sweet snacking, as it destroys our teeth. Eating nuts and carrots as a snack is recommended by many dentists!  Celebrities have discovered new methods of dieting..they say smaller meals spread out through the day…which really means SNACKS…but lots of healthy snacks!

When you are a small person you eat small amounts of foods..just like a bird. So to me snacks are just small meals. Why not eat them like tapas intead of massive lunches and dinners! I have gotten strange looks from people when I cannot finish a meal or when it takes me FOREVER to eat it..or I ask for a doggy bag! I just have to say thank heavens for NYC..because that’s when I learnt that it’s OK to take home leftovers unlike in Europe.  One of my most missed eating traditions of NYC is going to a Mexican ordering 3 dollar margaritas, snacking on the nachos and ordering a massive burrito (minus black beans), which I only get half through but then can devour the rest later as I watch tv!