Boarding school snacking!

When I was in boarding school, I really explored the world of replacing snacks for meals. It all happened when I played the role of the good student and went to breakfast, lunch (which was the size of a dinner) and then tea time..(which was just another dinner)..and within less than three months, I was incredibly bloated and bursting out of my uniform!
I didn’t really notice too much, until my family said I needed to cut down on my meals! That’s not exactly the best thing to tell a teenager! So then I started copying the diet habits of my abnormally gorgeous roommate, who had the hourglass Hollywood body that all girls would kill for and guys get flustered over!

So when I noticed she skipped breakfast (perfect time for sneaking into the bathrooms to steal some hot water..a luxury in boarding school), skipped lunch and for dinner grabbed a bowl of apple tart when the kitchen ladies were not looking! Besides apple tart for dinner….what else did she eat…well the answer to that is APPLES..yes more apples!

And sometimes a mid-night snack would entail a big bowl of cereal with some milk stolen from the prefects lounge!

Well the apples were not enough to keep me going, so an apple and a snickers became my evening snack instead of a big lunch and dinner. This is definitely not recommended to any seventeen year old..and it may be a reason why I didn’t grow much more! But yummy snickers gave me the protein with the nuts! And still a snickers and an apple together is an indulgent treat..combines yummy and healthy all in one..just not one for every day instead of a lunch and dinner. But anyways..this is how my serious snacking began!